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Bohemia Incubator empowers game makers to develop their playable prototypes further and receive the help they need to prepare their product for full release. The Incubator is experimental and daring by nature and reflects the three pillars of our company’s philosophy: curiosity, creativity, and community.

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Are you a developer that needs help finishing their masterpiece? Are you a gamer who likes to live on the edge of innovation?

Bohemia Incubator offers financial support and publishing services to original projects with a unique vision. All you need is a playable prototype and an undying desire to flourish. Bohemia Incubator provides gamers instant access to exclusive content and an inside look at all our latest games.

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Ideas begin with curiosity the desire to explore new things. When ideas are shared, it creates relationships which add meaning, and enable ideas to grow.

Marek Španěl

CEO Bohemia Interactive

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